Floor Vandenberghe, Antipedia

Keywords : labyrinth, hyperlinks, architect, loop

A subjective selection of link echoing this work, like ripples 

To be chosen

Jonas Beerts

Jonas Beerts was born on a Wednesday in the summer of 1997 and has been
a bricoleur of images ever since.
At the age of six, Jonas took up a camera and has been a Stone cold lover of photography ever since.
At the age of 18, Jonas started his studies of photography at KASK
At the age of 23, he graduated with a big pile of media at his feet. He
cunningly stumbles over the pile and tries to make the best out of it.
Jonas loves Sarah, and vice versa.
They love each other so much they started sharing a practice together.
They go under Sarah & Jonas or Jonas & Sarah. Whatever floats your
His eyes are attracted by two lovebirds on a windowsill across the
streets. His head drifts away through the open window. He invites you
to follow.

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