Summer 2020

n o s h o w s h o w

Kolder, Ghent

Following the cancelation of graduation shows for art students in June 2020, n o s h o w s h o w is an invitation to eight young artists from Ghent’s art schools, KASK and LUCA, to develop a solo presentation in the vitrine of artist-run space KOLDER. 

When doors are closed, windows and vitrines become stages for contactless interactions. During summer 2020, each artist imagined a specific installation for the vitrine space, in connection with a programmation of events. 

The proposals resulted in 8 one-week solo show, with diverse use of the space, through mediums such as performance, sculpture, photography, installation, painting or video.

Nanami Maeda | Elisa Maenhout Jonas Beerts | Sybren Janssens Robin Verslegers | Cecile Broekaert | Sander Misplon | Indrė Svirplytė


Robin Verslegers
Nanami Maeda
Indrė Svirplytė
Sybren Janssens
Cecile Broekaert
Jonas Beerts
Elisa Maenhout
Sander Misplon