Nanami Maeda, neighbourhood#08 THE BENCH

You need to look sober.
You need to look sad.
You need to wear a party dress.
You need to look bored.



I know that it’s annoying,
but you should follow these rules
if you want to eat a hamburger at this bench.



You need to bring your own chair 
if you want to read a book here. 
You need to keep a space for others. 

Twilight would be the best time 
because you can hear fish jumping in the river. 
It’s the most calming time here.


You need to feel the ground with your hands.
You need to look up at the sky and feel the sunlight.
Sir, you need not to try to kill yourself.
I didn’t let you go when I saw you trying to
throw yourself into the river
because you don’t need to do it
if you want to take a break here while running.



You look tired, but you laugh loud.
You look drunk, but you never open a can of beer.
You need to talk to someone.
You need to pretend to enjoy the time
if you hesitate to go home and stay here every day.

I know it might be annoying.
But you need to follow the rules here,
around this bench.



neighbourhood#08 THE BENCH
Nanami Maeda

This is something I’ve been told by my neighbours.
You would see some strange rules
in your neighbourhood, too.


Keywords : performing, bench, neighbor, attention, repetition, absurdity, mundane

A subjective selection of link echoing this work, like ripples 

Nanami Maeda

She interacts with hidden things. It may be an odor in a room, something sleeping under the ground, a sense we’ve forgotten for long time, everyday life of others that we can never see each other or something else.

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