14 january – 30 january 2022 at Zwarte Zaal, KASK School of Arts, Ghent

(un)broken brings together recent work of ten young artists – photographers, image gatherers, visual thinkers – as articulated by 5 curators.

The challenge at hand is to produce an exhibition in the span of 5 days, a process that involves complex interpersonal negotiations and sudden changes of hearts.

This game we play is called ‘(un)broken’ and takes place within the delimited space of Zwarte Zaal, for three weeks in January 2022. The participants are Lennert De Lathauwer, Hanne Grobet, Leif Houllevigue, Maia Liu, Natacha de Mahieu, Lukas Neven, Kristof Thomas, Lukas van Bentum, Lisa Van Damme, Reza Yavari, moss collective and Sam Steverlynck.

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Exhibition views

Kristof Thomas

Lukas Neven

Natacha de Mahieu

Lennert De Lathauwer

Leif Houllevigue

Reza Yavari

Hanne Grobet

Lukas Van Bentum

Maia Liu

Lisa Van Damme

Pictures by Lukas Neven.