Together, we collaborate as a curatorial collective under the name moss, sustained by our distinct professional experience in various institutions, galleries and independent art spaces. In our shared practice, we seek to embrace an ever-shifting collective identity, that allows us to adapt organically to conceive context-specific projects.

Lotte Egtberts, Elisa Maupas, Lucie Ménard and Anna Stoppa collaborate as a curatorial collective under the name moss since 2020, after meeting during the Curatorial Studies Postgraduate programme of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Gent in 2019. Strengthened by the complementarity of their profiles (artist, scientist, mediator, and art historian) and their various professional experiences (galleries, institutions, artist-run spaces in France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands), they work organically prioritizing horizontal collaboration with artists, embracing vulnerability and co-dependence as an asset in a competitive professional context. As curators, they approach exhibition-making as a playground and a chance to make conversations happen.