(un)broken brings together recent work of ten young artists - photographers, image gatherers, visual thinkers.

The challenge at hand is to produce an exhibition in the span of 5 days, a process that involves complex interpersonal negotiations and sudden changes of hearts.

Exhibition making is a game. To play is an action that takes place within certain spatial and temporal limits, between willing participants, following deliberate rules, and outside the realm of what is materially useful and necessary. The environment of the game, as defined by Johan Huizinga in Homo Ludens, is one of rapture and excitement, mystery and joy.

The unspoken rules are defined on the spot. They might change. They place the participants on an equal playing field and inform the collective process of making, shaping a space of shared authorship.

Playing is done for the sake of itself, regardless of what is useful and necessary, and the collective process carries more weight than the physical outcome. This might question the purpose of producing exhibitions, but not their essential value.

In this game that everybody plays with seriousness and rigor, we access spaces where rules are different from ordinary life, more permissive, more specific and codified. A space to explore which modes of working are sustainable. A space where it’s allowed to switch roles.