Elisa Pinto, Chromatic Affirmations

Medical imagery and representation of diseases are recurrent in the work of the mexican artist Elisa Pinto. She treats the representations of various medical conditions using colorful additions, such as overlaying diseased bodies with paint in her Medical Book series, in an attempt to “erase what I didnt want to exist”, or recovers the surface of images with confettis, as an “action of embelishement or ornament of what no one wants to see”. 

Medicine book series. Medicine book. Acrylic paint on paper. 24 x 16.5 cm each page. 2017

I am interested in the link between colors and emotions. Each color has a different vibration that resonates on us. For Chromatic affirmations, I made an appropriation of images from old medicine books. Each image is laser cut. In this way, the intention was to perform a “surgery” to remove the disease as an act of personal healing. The title of each piece is an “affirmation”, which is a type of healing and each one works specifically for each disease/image. I took these affirmations from the book “Heal your Life” by Louise L. Hay.”
Elisa Pinto

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Elisa Pinto, Chromatic Affirmations

Elisa Pinto, Chromatic Affirmations

Elisa Pinto, Chromatic Affirmations (détail)

Elisa Pinto, Yo me sostengo, 2022

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