Workshop with Hideyuki Ishibashi at Lycée Professionnel Louise de Bettignies

In january 2023, the Institut pour la photographie invited us to design a workshop for the students of the BAC pro photography at Lycée Professionnel Louise de Bettignies in Cambrai (FR). We invited the artist Hideyuki Ishibashi that presented his work Other Voices, and led a workshop focused on the manipulation of images and memories.

Hideyuki Ishibashi, Other Voices, 201

Hideyuki Ishibashi, Other Voices, 2011

Hideyuki Ishibashi about Other Voices : “In this project, I used photographs that I could not print because of my painful memories. The record of that specific time captured in those photos was so vivid and I was searching for a way to be released from the wounds that brought me to. That is when I found the solution in Marcel Proust’s books: «Ideas are substitutes for sorrows; when the latter change into ideas they lose part of their noxious action on our hearts and even at the first instant their very transformation disengages a feeling of joy.» Finding Time Again, Marcel Proust

Departing from this series, where images evoking a painful intimate memory are photographed multiple times with a Polaroid, adding stratas of time and new layers of visual informations at every step of the process, the students were invited to manipulate personal images they brought with them, and think about visual ways to enhance the feeling these images evokes for them.

Each image was photographed and printed again and again, and further manipulated to remove, conceal or recover some elements, or cut, scratched and scraped to gain texture.
In the final step, the images were transferred to wooden plates to give them a new materiality and texture.

Many thanks to the students for their enthousiasm and creativity, to the teacher, to Alice Rougeulle from Institut pour la photographie for this invitation, and to Hideyuki Ishibashi.